Lewis W. Barton Arboretum
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Woodlands/Trails Group

2007 photo by Steve Denham

The Woodlands/Trails page contains a trail map which can be enlarged with a click and has links to Steve Denham's photoessays and slideshows that illustrate the beauty of the nature preserve and the work of the residents who maintain the trails and preserve the woodlands.

Lumberton Trails and Site Committee

June 2006 photo by Maggie Heineman

The Lumberton Trails Committee page has a trail map which can be enlarged with a click and two slideshows of the meadow: one identifies wildflowers, the other has 2006 photos of the Lumberton Meadow in The Rain.

video by Mike Carrell

This 2007 video begins with an aerial view of the farm and then moves to an interview with Rona Keilin. Turn your speakers on

Nature Coordinating Committee

Administration's Arboretum page

Barton Arboretum Blog - New March 2, 2011

in theWebsite Magazine

Native Garden (adding to an article in the December, 2010 issue of Medford Leas Life, linking to a .pdf file of the plant list and plans)
The Apiary -- Bees at Leas (expanding on an article in the May 2010 issue of Medford Leas Life, with text and photos by Correy Melissas)
Heroes of the Trails (derived from Steve Denham's bulletin board display)
Afternoon Slosh Along the Kreibel Way (derived from Steve Denham's bulletin board display)

in the Photo Archive

Recommended Viewing Technique for Slideshows
Start a slideshow. Pull your mouse to the bottom of the screen. If the show is already playing, press the pause button. Proceed at your own pace.


Wildflowers and Nature Walks

March 2010 photo by Jane Bourquin
On the first walk of the season, March 27, the group found a bloodroot in bloom, which was most unusual so early in the spring.

The Wildflowers Website is by far largest section of mlra.org. Each of the 180 plus flowers in the wildflower group's database has a page, and those pages are indexed four ways: alphabetically by both common and scientific names and pictorially by both color and season.

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