Medford Leas has several satellite libraries in addition to the materials in the Main Library, including books on the Lumberton campus, the Nature Center library and the Large Print collection. Those collections are now or soon will be searchable via an online catalog called Library Thing. You can view all or any part of the collections by going to the Library Thing website (click here or on Catalog under Library in the main menu). Library Thing will open in a new browser window or tab, so that you can switch back and forth between the catalog and this user guide.

The initial screen shows a listing of all the collections:

Collections drop-downYou can view the holdings in a particular library (collection) by clicking on the button in the top left corner immediately under the LibraryThing header.

Search boxYou can search the collection(s) by entering search terms (author, title, subject) in the lower of the two search boxes — “Search this library” with a search button to its right. The other “Search site” box will return results from all the libraries on Library Thing (over 1.8 million collections searched — oops!). If this happens, use the back arrow at the top left of your browser to go back to the previous screen (or if you are using a smart phone, click the left arrow next to the address box).

The search results are returned in a list:

Search results

Click to view larger.

location of bookand you can find out which libraries hold a particular book in the Dewey/Melvil column. For instance, the first book in the list is in both the Lumberton library (on the fiction shelves) and in the Mystery section of the Main library. The second book is in the paperback section (white revolving shelves) of the Lumberton library.

detail of sorted columnYou can sort any of the listings by clicking on the appropriate column. For instance, in the example above, the listing was sorted by Author, indicated by the down arrow next to the column name.

You can click on the title of a book to see a host of information about the book — rating, reviews, where to buy it, recommendations… You can click on an author to see a list of all his or her works, biographical information, and links to his or her website, Facebook page, etc.