A brief history of the lives of people who lived on the property called Lumberton Leas.
By Os Cresson, March 2005


Have you wondered who walked our paths before us here at Lumberton Leas? And what their lives were like? I did. It started as simple curiosity and but soon became a need to place myself in space and time, to know more of the stream of humanity that has swirled around these acres. This took me back to the first people we know of living here, the Lenape. And then the first Europeans, the Moore family, who were here 100 years, and then the Stiles family for 80 years, and the Sages for 50 years. And then a series of modern families owned the property coming down to the Lumbleas.
Beyond what you will read in these pages, there is much more to learn. Did they milk cows every day? What was medical care like? How did they entertain themselves? Were there local dances? Did they use the library in Mount Holly? There is much you can do to fill in the story to which we are adding with our lives. For now, here is some of what we know.
1. The Life of the Lenape
2. The Lenape and the Europeans
3. The Moore Family of Lumberton
4. Lumberton Leas Gets Its First Residents
5. The Stiles Farm
6. The Stiles Family Story Continues
7. The Sage Family and the Peach Orchard
8. Medford Leas arrives in Lumberton
9. What's Next?