In the private password-protected directory, the MLRA Activities List provides contact information for these activities.


The Ballet program manages the transportation to and from Philadelphia for Saturday matinee Pennsylvania Ballet performances. Residents buy their own tickets at 215-893-1955. They may choose either the Full Series of five ballets or the Pick 3 Series.  Individuals who wish to attend a single performance can usually be accommodated. Subscribers should check with one of the co-chairs before ordering tickets.

The Chamber Music Committee chooses six chamber music concerts out of approximately sixty offerings scheduled by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. Residents are notified about the concerts and dates as wll as the cost of each concert and related transportation. Residents are able to specify their seat locations and effort is always made for those concert goers who have special needs.


The Opera Committee manages the transportation to and from Philadelphia with the Medford Leas bus. Residents should contact the chairperson before buying their season tickets to make sure there is a seat available on the bus.

Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra Committee arranges for the transportation to the Kimmel Center for residents who are interested in attending Friday 9A and/or Friday 9B orchestra concerts. Residents are responsible for ordering and paying for tickets on their own. Before ordering tickets, however, a chairperson should be contacted to make sure there is an available seat on the bus. There is no charge for bus transportation to the orchestra. The bus leaves early enough for riders to arrive in time for lunch in town.

Short Trips

The Short Trips Committee plans and provides transportation for day trips to points of interest, arranges for tickets, docents, restaurants, and identifies any problems for those with physical constraints. Example trips include: Ben Franklin Museum, Camden Aquarium, Walking Tour of Haddonfield, Tour of Burlington City, Philadelphia Murals.

Symphony in C

Residents who wish to attend the 5 concert series buy tickets directly from the Symphony in C Box Office, telephone: 856- 963- 6683, online: The price is determined by the location of the seat (ranging from $110, $165, to $245 for the 5 concerts). The Medford Leas bus takes the subscribers to and from the Rutgers Auditorium, which is located on the Camden campus. All performances are on Saturdays at 8 p.m. The cost of the transportation for 2016-2017 season is $45.00.

Walnut Street Theater

The committee makes arrangements to attend five productions of the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia from September to June on a subscription basis and at a reduced price. Since the group is too large for the Medford Leas bus, the committee also arranges for a large tour bus for transportation.